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College is Stressful. Meal Planning Doesn't Have to Be.

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A Taste of What You'll Get:

For the first time in your life, you're on your own and making decisions about what you should and shouldn't eat. While the salty dining-hall foods are quick and easy, they won't leave you feeling your best. With our new college meal plan with Spoon University, you can start establishing good eating habits that will last a lifetime. No shopping, quick and easy prep, and convenient delivery—what more could you ask for?

Spoon U + Chef'd

Spoon University is an everyday food resource for Millennials. Over 8,000 foodies on 200+ campuses across the country come together to discuss all things food every single day. The Spoon U community is more than just food lovers, it's a group of intelligent leaders that come together to share their love of food online that reaches millions of readers around the globe. We're partnering with Spoon U to make it simple for college students to eat better on campus. With pre-portioned, weekly meal kits and care packages to get through finals, we're revolutionizing how students eat.