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J.P Singh

Deborah Schneider

J.P. Singh

Restaurateur and Chef

Second generation born in the Fiji Islands, J.P. Singh was true to his Indian ancestors with his love for food. The fresh ingredients available on the islands of Fiji inspired delicious dishes, and ultimately his award-winning restaurant, Bukhara in New Delhi, India. Often a destination for celebrities and presidential visits, executive chef Singh serves top rate tandoori cuisine in a clay tandoor oven with an emphasis on kebabs, which are served without cutlery. Signature dishes include the Sikandari Raan (Marinated Whole Leg of Spring Lamb) and Murgh Malai Kebab (Creamy Chicken Kebab). After 30 years, the menu has not changed.


Lamb Curry and Turmeric Rice

Lamb Curry and Turmeric Rice

with Cucumber Raita and Naan