The Tasting Team: The Millennial


This is the fourth installment of The Tasting Team series featuring Chef’d staff and some of their favorite dishes.

The Tasting Team: The Millennial | Meal Kits for Singles

The Millennial

Elizabeth, the youngest member of team Chef’d, is a lover of all things food. At her alma mater, USC, she led a chapter of Spoon University, a nationwide club for college students to share their love of food. After just a year of holding the position of Business Director at the USC chapter of Spoon University, she knew that she belonged in this industry. Shortly after graduation, Elizabeth found her way into the Chef’d headquarters in the hopes of finding an internship, and when she left, she walked out with a full-time position as our Spoon University Management Consultant. She spearheaded our partnership with the company, assisting in the creation of the first college student friendly meal kit, and continues to bring innovative ideas to the Business Development team.

Here Are a Few of Elizabeth’s Recommendations

The Tasting Team: The Millennial | Meal Kit Recommendations

Miso Salmon with Coconut Basmati Rice by The Kitchy Kitchen

“Oh my god, I love this dish. It’s aromatic and healthy. I’ve never cooked with coconut milk and rice so that was a fun skill to learn. I’ve cooked this dish for my mom and for friends visiting—and, of course, for myself a few times.”

The Tasting Team: The Millennial | Meal Kit Recommendations

Coriander NY Strip by Rahm Fama

“This is my favorite date night dish. It was so good. The crust on the steak and the chimichurri makes for a perfect man-friendly-dish. It’s a perfect dish for a man to cook...for me.”

The Tasting Team: The Millennial | Meal Kit Recommendations

Fish Tacos with Chipotle Crema by Men’s Health

“I always order the four serving fish tacos. I cooked this with a bunch of my friends during the summertime for a girls-night-in. We ate outside, and all got to cook it together. It was such a fun group experience.”

The Tasting Team: The Millennial | Meal Kit Recommendations

Greek Shrimp Farro Bowl by Chef’d

“The Shrimp Farro Bowl makes for good leftovers. I live alone, and when I’m cooking, I like to portion meals for the next day. I just order the two serving so I can make some for dinner, and bring the rest to work—it’s so good the next day.“

The Tasting Team: The Millennial | Meal Kit Recommendations

The New York Times Cooking Thanksgiving Feast

“This Thanksgiving, I hosted Friendsgiving. All of my friends came over and we cooked the full turkey and a bunch of sides. It was kind of chaotic because we’re all new to cooking, and we were all running around, but it was a good experience and a lot of fun—and it came out so good!”


Posted 27 January 2017 at 15:12 by RTJ

Lizzy is a integral member of the Chef’d team; her hard work and dedication shows in all her work; Lizzy has a bright future here at Chef’d and will be successful at all that she does……….thanks for all you do!

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