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The Tasting Team: The Millennial

Chef'd | Meal Kits for Millennials

Elizabeth, the youngest member of team Chef’d, is a lover of all things food. This Millennial's passion for the food industry led her to our doors, where she now spearheads some of our most exciting projects. Read about her experience using Chef'd here!


The Tasting Team: The Chef

For Javier, his love of cooking started with his family, and he's turned that passion into a career producing professional-quality meals that are accessible to the home cook. Here are his recommendations.


The Tasting Team: The Mom

As a working mother of two, the last thing Amy needs is for dinnertime to be complicated, so Chef’d is a perfect solution for her. Here are her recommendations.


The Tasting Team: The Host

Cyndi is our resident entertainer  she's enthusiastic and passionate about food, and she loves trying new things. Here are some of her favorite meals.