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How Do You #GetChefd? [Week of February 20th]

How Do You #GetChefd? [Week of February 20th] | Meal Kit Giveaway

We’re a month into our meal kit giveaway and our jaws are still dropping! Last week, we gave away our first $50 gift card, and we’re giving another one away in no time. This week, we had the most entries ever—so hat’s off to these winners for being our top culinary creations of the week. Stay tuned—you could win!


How Do You #GetChefd? [Week of February 13th]

How Do You #GetChefd | Meal Kit Giveaway

It’s that time again! Every week, we take a peek at what you’re eating. From delicious burgers to gourmet filets, we love to see how you put your own spin on our signature meal kits. This week is no different! We’ve round up the top four culinary creations showing us how you #GetChefd. Take a look at our best chefs-in-training here!


Ingredient Spotlight: 8 Meal Kits for Tomato Lovers

Ingredient Spotlight | Meal Kits Featuring Tomatoes

Are you a lover of tomatoes? Of course you are! They're juicy, full of antioxidants, and go with just about anything. It’s no wonder that chefs from all over the world sneak tomatoes into just about every dish. Here are 7 meal kits to feed your cravings


How Do You #GetChefd? [Week of February 6th]

How do you #GetChefd | Meal Kit Giveaway

Another delicious week has come and gone, and we can’t get enough of your pictures! We’ve released a few new meal kits this week that will make your eyes bulge, mouth water, and stomachs growl. Take a look at how these Chef'dys put their own personal touch on our new meal kits here.


How Do You #GetChefd? [Week of January 23rd]

How Do You #GetChefd | Meal Kit Giveaway

Want a $50 Chef'd gift card? Of course you do! Show us how your #getchefd on social media for a chance to win! Take a look to see if your meal made the cut! If not, don’t stress—keep chopping, slicing, and dicing for your chance to be featured next week!


February | What's in Season This Month?

What to Eat in February | Healthy & Fresh Meal Kits

February is just a few days away! Love, football, and delicious food are in the air and we can’t get enough. The shortest month of the year brings us many delicious winter veggies that we simply can’t wait to devour. Click here to find out the best foods to stock your pantry with this month!


The Tasting Team: The Millennial

Chef'd | Meal Kits for Millennials

Elizabeth, the youngest member of team Chef’d, is a lover of all things food. This Millennial's passion for the food industry led her to our doors, where she now spearheads some of our most exciting projects. Read about her experience using Chef'd here!


Introducing: How Do You #GetChefd? [Contest]

How Do You #GetChefd? | Learn About Our Meal Kit Giveaway Here!

At Chef’d, we’re all a bunch of foodies—if we’re not eating food, we’re talking about it. What’s trending, meal kits we tried, what’s happening with the latest celebrity chefs—you name it, we’re gabbing about it. We want to add YOU to the conversation. We love seeing your take on our delicious meal kits, and we want to share them with everyone. Post your culinary creation on social media with #GetChefd for a chance to win a $50 gift card! Learn more here!


January | What’s in Season This Month?

What's in Season in January | Fresh Meal Kit Delivery from Chef'd

The New Year is here and in full swing. Resolutions are set in stone, goals are being tracked, and new opportunities are in the horizon—January is always the most exciting month. Looking for a few of our freshest meal kits to start the year off right? Here’s four foods and meal kits that are in season this month.


December | What’s in Season This Month?

What's in Season in December | Fresh Meal Kit Delivery from Chef'd

It’s December! While you’re most likely stressing over holiday party after holiday party, we’re here to help you stress about one less thing—eating the best foods this month. If you’re trying to eat with the seasons, we’ve got your back. Here’s five foods to incorporate into your holiday meals this month.


November | What’s in Season This Month?

What's in Season in November | Fresh Meal Kit Delivery from Chef'd

November is here! This month is the epitome of all things fall. We’ve stowed away our beach towels and brought out our blankets to finally say goodbye to summer. Pumpkins on porches, iridescent leaves covering the streets, and a chilly breeze running through your hair—these the best parts of fall.


Cook Like Fabio This Father's Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and typically this means running to your local department store to buy a few ties, maybe a tool kit, and some last minute socks. This year however, why not mix it up and get Dad something he’ll really love? We’ve partnered with Fabio Viviani, a brand-new dad himself, to bring you a Father’s Day meal kit that every man is sure to enjoy: Meat Lasagna.


The Tasting Team: The Chef

For Javier, his love of cooking started with his family, and he's turned that passion into a career producing professional-quality meals that are accessible to the home cook. Here are his recommendations.


The Tasting Team: The Mom

As a working mother of two, the last thing Amy needs is for dinnertime to be complicated, so Chef’d is a perfect solution for her. Here are her recommendations.


The Tasting Team: The Host

Cyndi is our resident entertainer  she's enthusiastic and passionate about food, and she loves trying new things. Here are some of her favorite meals.