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Our Favorite 7 Ingredient Meal Kits

7 Meal Kits with 7 Ingredients or Less

You may not know it but you don’t need a gaggle of ingredients to create an amazing dish that the whole family will love. Just a few, quality and complementary ingredients can create something spectacular. We’ve created a handful of dishes that combine just seven ingredients or less—saving you time without compromising on flavor. Take a look at these innovative and delicious dishes here!


Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl | Quick & Easy Meal Kits

Sometimes, dinner is best served in a bowl—from burrito bowls to acai bowls and all one-bowl-wonders in between. They’re quick to make, easy to prep, and make dinner time a little but more convenient. Are you looking for a simple dinner solution tonight? Try one of our top 10 dinners in a bowl!